I have a passion

for the control and discipline that you need and desire

London Mistress

Welcome to my world and my little corner of the internet.

I am an experienced, mature, no nonsense lady of mixed race. I come from a traditional background where classic domestic discipline was used, and the rod was not spared in ensuring good manners and correct behaviour. In my view the lack of corporal punishment underlies much of today’s anti-social behaviour.

I enjoy inflicting pain when warranted and can meet the needs of the more experienced submissive. If you are a nervous beginner be assured I will not take you beyond what I feel is right for you but will introduce you to the control and discipline of your fantasies.

As an assertive woman I always take the lead and enjoy the following iconic female roles also this is not an exclusive list:

Mistress, Strict Aunt, Governess, Domineering Mother-in-Law, Headmistress, Landlady, Executive Boss.

For those of you that need your urges controlled I also offer a chastity key-holding service.
If you are too far away or cannot visit then you might consider that control from afar, via phone, text, or email, may suit your needs better.

Finally I enjoy helping those who desire to crossdress and do so with understanding and firmness.