Do you remember the feelings of apprehension of being sent to the Headmistress? Was she able to look at you in a way that only the truth could fall from your lips?

Do you recall the cane strategically displayed?

Many parents and guardians have chosen my school as the use of corporal punishment is the order of the day. Our school’s attendance and behaviour record is second to none…….

London Disciplinarian


Aunty knows best and she certainly knows what is best for you.

You secretly desire a strong assertive woman to take control of you and mete out just punishment for your wrong doings and lustful thoughts. A trip across Aunty’s knee will curb your errant ways ….. but for how long?

Aunty is fair but firm, minor misdemeanours can be dealt with in a more lenient manner but woe betide the serial offender. You thought liberating the neighbour’s underwear from the washing lines was a jolly wheeze but you will lose that smile when you find that the wooden hairbrush is not always used for its original purpose………

London Mistress


“Can’t pay the rent again young man? Such laxity requires that we have a special discussion – follow me”.

Once again you have disappointed me and I have already given your last and final warning. Simply offering to pay tomorrow will not be sufficient. I will calculate your punishment based upon how many weeks you owe…….

London Dominatrix


You think you’re so clever, trying to hide your extra-marital activities, but I have been aware of your little escapades for some time.

My daughter may be blind to your faults and weaknesses but my eyes are wide open. Well, if she cannot take charge then it falls to me to make you a son-in law I can trust.

The choice is simple – I either tell my daughter and she files for divorce and you will be stripped of all of your assets, or you will accept my control over you.

London Disciplinarian Mistress


You approach my door with trepidation and knock quietly. After what seems an eternity you hear the command “Enter”. You open the door and walk into my office. “Yes Madam, you wished to see me?” Despite your desire for control you cannot keep the slight tremor out of your voice. Your boss has a fearsome reputation and she wastes no time.

“It’s no secret – I’ve always known that you are not a team player. You know that I can make life very difficult for you in this company…….. “ I leave my words hanging in the air

You know that if you wish to keep your job you will have to accept your punishment from your pencil skirted, satin clad, stiletto heeled boss. When I instruct you to remove your belt, drop your trousers and bend over my desk you know this is not part of a corporate team building activity.

London Mistress


At present I am unable to offer a dressing service and you will have to provide your own attire.

I provide a safe and nurturing environment where you will dress with somebody who understands and appreciates your needs and inner feelings. I will help you develop your feminine persona through skin care and make-up coaching, deportment training and visits.

I am able to accompany you on shopping trips to help and advise you on the purchase of clothes, lingerie, wigs etc to develop your look and style. Should you wish to venture further and visit a beauty salon or nailbar that can be arranged.

After your first session and with my prior permission you may order items over the internet and have them delivered to me to await your next visit.

London Dominatrix


If you are unable to visit in person why not avail yourself of my phone domination services? I have extensive experience and you will find me a creative and captivating conversationalist in any of the roles explained above.

If you are not an exisiting client I only accept payment by Amazon E mail gift voucher. This requires you to go to the Amazon gift site – https://goo.gl/B45FPx and select a voucher and then email it to me on <……>. Payments via this method completely protects your identity and annonimity. If you are an exisitng client payment for your phone session may be made when you visit. I charge £1 per minute and my miniumm charge is £20. We will agree a pre-arranged time for your call.

London Domme


Do you feel the need to have your carnal desires controlled and sexual activity constrained? Does the thought of being locked away in a secure device with your Mistress holding the key for days or weeks at a time both thrill you and fill you with apprehension?

I can offer you both realtime and remote chastity control.

Realtime chastity control

This is where you come to see me for a session and before you leave I lock you securely into your device. You either leave both your keys with me, or take one with you. You are bound by an honesty contract to only use the key in dire emergencies.

Plastic locks are also available which will suit foreign air travel along with a silicon or plastic device.

Remote chastity control

If you are unable to see me in person, chastity contol by phone, email or text services including whatsapp is also available. Payment for this service is by Amazon E mail gift voucher. This requires you to go to the Amazon gift site – https://goo.gl/B45FPx and select a voucher and then email it to me on Ladylockssos@gmail.com. Payments via this method completely protects your identity and annonimity.

NB – for all chastity device services outlined about you must provide your own device.

London Domme


Have you dreamt of lying at the feet of your Mistress holding and caressing her beautiful stilleto clad feet? Bring her your favourire nail polish and carefully paint each exqisitite nail. Or take each foot in turn and massage with essential perfumed oils or potions – perhaps you have your own favourite?

Worshipping the feet of a Superior Woman is a service that will bring you sweet fulfillment.

London Mistress